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Welcome to Vava's 2014 Summer Camp Program

Summer 2014 Camp at Cubberley Community Center in Palo Alto, Boys/Girls, ages 6-13 years, sponsored by World United FC. This program is open to all player with all skill levels welcome. For an overview and application form, here is the Summer Camps Flyer.

Vava Marques
426 Escuela Ave, #2
Mountain View, CA 94040

phone: 650-544-9853

Questions and inquires may be sent to (email) summercamp@vavamarques.com . An acknowledgment of the application should be sent within a couple days of reception.

Soccer Camp Description

Campers are grouped according to age. The program is both a skills based camp and game oriented environment developed to emphasize the creative techniques used by Brazilian players at an early age. Small sided games encourage individual players to gain confidence through anticipation rather than reaction. Young players enjoy sport activities that are fun, flexible and cooperative.

And since this is summer, fun rules. Learn soccer tricks, juggling insights, and fake moves to impress your friends. New and different games every day to encourage personal improvisation and add a little Brazilian touch to your game.

What to bring and wear: Players should wear normal soccer clothes, shin guards, and soccer shoes. Any color T-shirt/shorts/socks is acceptable. Bring a large water bottle.

Attendence Requirements: This is a camp, it is fun, nobody needs to take attendance:). We require registration which includes a parent consent and fee. We hope the players enjoy a fantastic experience.

Session Overview: Small games (e.g., 3v3, 4v4, 6v6) and variations thereof provide players with many "touches" (i.e. ball handling opportunities) and different conditions to emphasize a particular objective. Demonstrations introduce techniques, tricks and sometimes simple fun, integrated with games that allow players to develop their own creativity.

Equipment: Small goals are provided. Ball size depends on the age group and will be provided. Playing field size depends on the activity with plenty of room available.

Even More About the Sessions.....Expect the players to start playing immediately upon arrival. Unlike adults they do not need much warmup. An important component of the program is a player finding his/her own creativity. To do this they want to be encouraged to take chances and self correct.

Camp Observations: Summer camp should encourage participation without any pressure. This is a good time to enjoy the sport without anxiety or expectation. Skills will improve through experience and touches; the coaches help to guide, demonstrate and encourage, mostly in a quiet manner.

Coaches: Vava Marques will direct the effort personally. He will normally have multiple other experienced coaches assisting.